Our Program

Ready-Set-Grow! provides a quality educational program for a diverse population of children with widely varying levels of development and ability.  This is achieved by implementing the Creative Curriculum with fidelity.  Creative Curriculum provides the framework to support high quality early education, nurturing child-led learning and encouraging children to become problem solvers and make progress in all developmental domains.

Within the program, adults are partners who share in children’s discoveries and gently guide their learning.  Young children build or “construct” knowledge of the world – finding out how the world works through direct experience with people, objects, events and ideas.

We utilize the Ages & Stages Questionnaire development screening tool to assess children’s skills in different developmental areas to help meet their needs for growth.

Currently, children at our center are split into the following areas: Infant, Toddler, 2 Preschool Classrooms, and School-Aged Programs.